250 Miles in Leiden. Opens Friday June 26 14:00

In contrast with the map as still image, digital systems, computers, smart phones and tablets more and more connect us to, what film maker Harun Farocki called „Operative Images”. These are images that not only are a representation, but perform themselves, actively, in the world. The digital image gets agency whether we like it or not. 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia is a poetic interpretation of this shift.

Shown as part of a beautiful collection of contemporary and historic geographic representations of the Globe, the selection on show in the library is part of the exhibition Global Imaginations, Lakenhal Leiden.

Curated by Johan Deumens

IvarInstallingIvar installing the piece.


Rapenburg 70-74

workingdays: 08.00-18.00

more information: bezoekers.leidenuniv.nl