A project by PolakVanBekkum

Announcement: Our Sponsor: Wexford Science and Technology

Wexford Science & Technology, a BioMed Realty company, is a real estate investment and development company that meets the growing and specialized facilities needs of for-profit and not-for-profit institutions, including universities, university-related research parks and healthcare systems. Wexford Science & Technology’s objective is to become a long-term partner, support strategic organizational growth in significant, value-added ways while strengthening the communities in which they work. ...

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Announcement: Philadelphia’s Redevelopment Authority’s Percent for Art Program

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority pioneered the Percent for Art Program in March 1959, becoming the first city in the United States to create a program requiring developers to commission art as part of the development process. The Redevelopment Authority’s Percent for Art Program obligates developers who are building on land acquired and assembled by the Authority to dedicate at least one percent of the total building construction costs toward the commissioning of original, site-specific works of art. Since the inception of the Program, nearly 400 works of public art have been installed in all areas of Philadelphia. Works of public art can be found in such diverse developments as high-rise commercial and residential towers, housing for families and the elderly, shopping plazas, parks, hotels, universities, schools and libraries. ...

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Announcement: Our Host: The University City Science Center & STEAM Initiatives

The Science Center is a dynamic hub for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Greater Philadelphia region. It has provided lab space, office space, business incubation and support services for entrepreneurs, startups, and growing and established companies for 50+ years. The Science Center was the first, and remains the largest, urban research park in the United States. ...

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Akh is waiting for Ivar who is setting up the recorders. He is ther first to go with the sling back that now includes all our equipment.

The Beagle

For the project a special recording device was developed, nicknamed “The Beagle”. The Beagle looks like a normal sling-bag and allows people to go out on their own, and record the city in a special orchestrated way. It takes the participant into a solist, yet shared journey and center stages the role of the individual as a data collecting entity.
The Beagle records sound and movements and gives the person who wears it a series of prompts (via a pre-recorded pod-cast) whereby the participant is given a choice on forehand: between 3 options of prompts-flavours: an empathic, a suspicious or a neutral angle. After her/his return, the participants trajectory is synced with the sound recordings and both are audio-visualised in a cinematographic way: they play out on the flatness of the satellite images. ...

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