Our latest adventure: Northeast Philadelphia!

This past Friday, we teamed up with the STEAM Initiatives crew from the Science Center and got to work exploring more of Philadelphia.  We drove through neighborhood after neighborhood in Northeast Philly, and we came across the most amazing places!  It’s incredible what you learn when you take the time to talk to people and ask questions.  Below are some pictures of our adventures!


The group of us looked at Hawk Krawl's mural behind the Pizza Brain restaurant in Fishtown.
We looked at Hawk Krawl’s mural behind the Pizza Brain restaurant in Fishtown.
Angela stands next to a bicycle-shaped bike rack in Fishtown.
A great example of practical public art!
Ivar standing next to a bicycle rack shaped like a giant bike lock.
Ivar said he couldn’t imagine how big a bike would have to be to have a lock this big!
The front counter or Czerw's Kielbasy in Port Richmond.
We came across Czerw’s Kielbasy in Port Richmond. They’ve been around for 76 years now!
John showing us the brick-oven smokehouse at Czerw's, the same one they used when they opened 76 years ago.
John was nice enough to show us the traditional brick-oven smokehouses that they still use 76 years later.
A ton of cherry and apple smoked wood for the smokehouses.
They only use cherry and apple smoked wood in the smokehouses.
Ivar looking into the smokehouse holding meat as John talks about the capacity, up to 500 pounds.
The smokehouses can hold up to 500 pounds of meat! That’s a lot of bacon!
A glimpse of Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory's workshop...
Next stop was the old Globe Dye Works building, which is now home to many industrial artists and other organizations, including Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory.
Ivar, Olivia, and Brett talking outside...
The Executive Director of Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, a non-profit that gives students the opportunity to learn to build sailboats and rowboats, Brett, was nice enough to show us around the space.
A look at the section of the Globe Dye Works building that has not yet been restored...
This part of the Globe Dye Works building is yet to be restored, but there are some really interesting things lying around!
There are a lot of random things laying around the part of the Globe Dye Works building that has not been restored yet, like this enormous animal head mount!
Like this guy!
David and Danielle look through some old boards with pictures and fabrics on them.
These boards had old pictures and fabrics from almost a century ago on them!
An arrangement of many different colored spools of thread...
A pretty good representation of what used to happen at the Globe Dye Works building!
David, Olivia, and Danielle at the Brazilian food store...
After that, we visited a Brazilian food store!

The funny sign outside the window read, "DO NOT ENTER WITH HOODIE OR MASK...if so you are now trespassing."

Passing storefronts...

An abandoned warehouse...

The old Tastykake buiding...
The old Tastykake factory, we’ve yet to try some!