3rd Pole Photography Workshop

Last Friday was our third pole photography workshop at the Village of Arts and Humanities.  This time, participants were faced with a new challenge.  Using the pole photography technique, each group had to make a “map” of an area within the Village.

This was more difficult than past workshops because the pole needed to be held at a consistent height so that the pictures could be put together.  Each group finished successfully though, see the products below!

Two participants stand with their finished product.

A participant working on putting together the pictures she and her group took...

Esther and her four group members with their finished "map."

Olivia, with two of her group members and their finished map...

Ivar and two of his group members joyfully posing with their finished map...

We had a lot of fun working on this, and based on the responses from our participants, they learned a ton!

We’re excited for our next workshop at Mander Playground, more on that to come soon….