A New Space

Using a special volume ink-marker, I made a tactile version of our map, to explain the project to Austin Seraphin. We invited him to participate in the project as we are interested in how his use of echolocation¬†changed his experience and use of the city space. Can he consider himself an immigrant in a new layer of the city that has opened up for him using this new “tool” ?

Austin expressed his interest in our means of binaural recording: is it possible for him to hear the space in the recording afterwards as well? Will others using echolocation be able to hear the space where the recording was made as well, and would it be possible to “show” a space to any other person, just by recording and replaying the clicking sound and its echos? How would it be for him to hear the recording of the car?

Austin feels the tactile map.

Austin, Liz and Trish's daughter...

We met at the first Philly Meetup for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a great way to get more insight in the experience of city space from a tactile perspective.