Author: Ivar van Bekkum

Akh is waiting for Ivar who is setting up the recorders. He is ther first to go with the sling back that now includes all our equipment.

The Beagle

For the project a special recording device was developed, nicknamed “The Beagle”. The Beagle looks like a normal sling-bag and allows people to go out on their own, and record the city in a special orchestrated way. It takes the participant into a solist, yet shared journey and center stages the role of the individual as a data collecting entity.
The Beagle records sound and movements and gives the person who wears it a series of prompts (via a pre-recorded pod-cast) whereby the participant is given a choice on forehand: between 3 options of prompts-flavours: an empathic, a suspicious or a neutral angle. After her/his return, the participants trajectory is synced with the sound recordings and both are audio-visualised in a cinematographic way: they play out on the flatness of the satellite images. ...

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250 Miles in Leiden. Opens Friday June 26 14:00

In contrast with the map as still image, digital systems, computers, smart phones and tablets more and more connect us to, what film maker Harun Farocki called „Operative Images”. These are images that not only are a representation, but perform themselves, actively, in the world. The digital image gets agency whether we like it or not. 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia is a poetic interpretation of this shift. ...

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April 16 screening and Q&A

Ivar and Esther are very happy to let you know that they will present their 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia NavDoc “Once we get There” on April 16 in Philadelphia at The Rotunda at 6:30PM. The screening of the film will be followed by an artist Q&A, and a modest celebration. They are looking forward welcoming you, and exchanging thoughts about this new form of documentary making, and the way it portrays the city experience. ...

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