Author: Ivar van Bekkum

The old neighborhood

In the far north east of Philadelphia, and by now I know I really mean the FAR north east, lies the neighborhood with the name that makes you think of horseback riding through the lovely lands of Pennsylvania: Parkwood Manor. Horsebacks are replaced by metal caged horse power, the lovely lands became playgrounds and shopping malls and the manors are family houses along curved roads. The place Kelly grew up and left when she was an adult, but where she found a job again at (the appropriate named!) Parkwood hairstyling. And we found here there again, with the totally open attitude to put on our Beagle and go for a stroll in her old community. ...

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Adesola Onitiri, intern at the DM+D and voice of our podcast

The Voice

During our working period at the Department of Making and Doing, Adesola was our intern there. By the time we figured out that we were going to make a podcast as part of our project, we immediately knew who to ask as ‘the voice’: Sola. Although she was not directly involved in our project we were very glad she said yes. ...

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Block 12 – Tacony–Palmyra Bridge

We went to the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge to listen to the river, the way the bridge itself would listen to the river…. for the bridge, it is hard to do so, as the traffic crossing is loud and it drowns the sounds of the water and of the geese and of the wind even… would it work during the night? Or would cars continue to pass… better to be present one of those magic moments when the bridge opens to make a ship pass….. Silently, at least compared to the car sounds… ...

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