Author: Ivar van Bekkum

Sunday Bike Tour

Today we decided to go for a bike ride to the John Heinz Wildlife Park, which is situated in South Philadelphia next to the airport. We did some sound recording tests of the nature, and we were amazed that we could still see the high rises of Center City at  the swamp’s horizon…. We also did some amazing sound recordings of the cars passing, underneath this overpass… …and along the shores of the Delaware River. We enjoyed some unexpected nature findings, two turkey vultures on the landing strip. ...

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Michael walks into Penn

Today we gave the mic and the GPS to Michael, who walked a 30 minute route through Penn’s campus. For me (Ivar), who walked behind him to record ambient sound, it was almost a meditative experience to just follow the decisions he made 10 meters in front of me. This afternoon I’ll listen to the recordings he made and see how his story combines with his GPS tracks. ...

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