Block 12 – Tacony–Palmyra Bridge

We went to the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge to listen to the river, the way the bridge itself would listen to the river…. for the bridge, it is hard to do so, as the traffic crossing is loud and it drowns the sounds of the water and of the geese and of the wind even… would it work during the night? Or would cars continue to pass… better to be present one of those magic moments when the bridge opens to make a ship pass….. Silently, at least compared to the car sounds…

This is the moment we captured and we saw in our mind’s eye that the ears of the bridge can be found at each side of the opening, and we would be there… listening for the cars to stop, the siren to call, the last people to pass, the humans shouting to clear space for the break….


IMG_4260 bridge STOP sign IMG_4253