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Block 8 – VIA Air – and back

A flight with a view limiting device

Mason has already got his license to fly, but he is training to fly using the instrument panel only. To train to do this, he wears a hood, a view limiting device with which he can’t see out the windows. He can only see his instruments. His reality is limited to the instruments representing this reality. Nevertheless he is actually out there in the air. ...

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Austin Continued; On Echolocation

When Austin tries to explain what echolocation means to him, his enthusiasm is almost tangible. This is how it started 2 years ago: Somebody sent him a YouTube film about echolocation being used by the blind.  Soon he started to teach himself.  After a while, when he found out that it worked for him, even at age 33, he took an intensive 3-day course.  His teacher had warned the group that during an the intensive 3 day course it can be difficult to sleep. Austin told me that this was true. When trying to sleep after the first day, he could almost feel the blood pumping towards his visual cortex, that was underdeveloped as he was blind from birth. ...

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