Trolley’s listening


The life of a trolley in Philadelphia is that of the most regular commuter in town. It’s tracks don’t allow for much distraction and neither it is easily stopped as its looks gently but firm demands passage. On it’s way it provides place for humans who prefer to sit and move, and puts them on the streets again. The driver of this mastodon of urban traffic hits the gong whenever it needs attention, as a friendly reminder or a firm warning and greets everyone with the brightest smile.

But how would it feel like to be a trolley. What would a trolley hear? Would it be distracted by the squeaking of it’s own doors, is it scared when a truck comes to close and does it groan under the weight of a body filled with travellers.

We gave trolley 15 a pair of ears and listened in.

IMG_2360 IMG_2361 Trolley preparation IMG_2362