Feedback Group

Every month we organize a feedback group to exchange ideas about our artistic approach and the artistic work of others we are inspired by.

You are welcome from 6:00pm-8:00 pm to come to DM+D (Department of Making and Doing) and suggest themes or topics.

We take care of food, drinks and the computer, projector and sound.


• Monday June 30 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Theme: Mobility in Virtual Worlds
-We will discuss examples from our work, the artistic work of others and popular culture.
we plan to show fragments of:
• 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia’s  current stage
• Stan Brakhage’s  Dog Star Man (link)
• some treadmill running video’s some home made, some commercial ones (link)
•A stunning example of an Inventive Acapella game music choir (link)
• jodi’s  GEO GOO (link)
• Flat Earth by Thomson & Craighead (link)
• The meaning of the vertical architecture visualisations in the film Inception

• Wednesday (date not decided yet)
Theme: The Aesthetics of the Everyday Life
we plan to show fragments of:
• Chris Marker Le Joli May:
• Dutch 17 the century still life painting

• Wednesday August 27

• Wednesday September 24

• Wednesday October 22

• Wednesday November 25

Address 3711 Marketstreet Philadelphia
Please let us know if you want to join by sending a mail to contact(at)