Fly With Me

Herby we would like to announce our 3rd feedback meeting.

Fly with Us

Date: Monday, Sept 15th
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: DM+D 3711 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa
Via-Air GPS visualisation

During this evening we will show the first raw miles of 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia. Sean and Ed, our developers, have been coding off the skin of their fingers to get everything ready for you.*

We are very excited! Flying through the city in Google Earth, following the paths of people, animals, and object listening to them is breathtaking and crosses boundaries of music, sound, painting, sculpture, public, and digital art. We will share this footage in an intimate, studio visit like setting. We are looking forward to critical feedback, in-depth discussion, and laughter.

If you like to attend, please drop us an email.
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We will have laptops made available for our you, however, if you want headphones, to listen to the four recordings we will have complete, you could decide to to bring your own. Snacks and drinks, will be provided.

*Not to forget the incredible support of Olivia, Sarah, Beth, and Alex, the people who made the recordings possible and all the others standing behind us.