Mill Creek Farm

We visited the Mill Creek Farm at 49th and Brown. Aviva Asher, the director of the farm, took the time to show us around, and we met the farmer Micaiah Hall briefly.  They were wrapping up the Saturday market and heading for a community event nearby to sell the vegetables that weren’t sold yet that morning.

This urban farm, as more of these farms do, combines the production of vegetables and sometimes fruits and honey, with education. They have youth programs to teach kids about farming, food and nature and get them more involved.

One of the employees at Mill Creek farm...

Within Philadelphia there are areas known as ‘food deserts’, with no super markets and no fresh food. The urban farms are in a way an answer to this. Another reason is that it provides fresh vegetables and fruit for an affordable price. In a city that still has a lot of low income families this is a very useful facility.