Our First Feedback Meeting

Last night was PolakVanBekkum’s very first feedback meeting in the DM+D space, and the theme was “Mobility in Virtual Worlds.”  The atmosphere was friendly and the conversations that arose throughout the night only added to the success of the event.  By showing film clips, YouTube videos, and discussing examples from past works, Esther and Ivar paved the way for some interesting discussions.

Esther and Ivar with the group of feedback meeting attendees, at the Department of Making and Doing.

While enjoying some delicious food, Esther and Ivar used various types of media to demonstrate different forms of movement.  This set the stage for their first movement/sound tests for their project.  Everyone who attended had constructive thoughts and questions.  It was very clear to me that there was a sense of appreciation for Esther and Ivar’s willingness to share their process with the community.

Here’s what Esther and Ivar showed:

Ivar showing a video at the feedback meeting...

Experimental film, treadmill running videos, and video games with a touch of opera and a cappella made time go by so fast!  We hope everyone enjoyed as much as we did.

The process-based concept of the project really shined through at this first meeting, and it can only get better from here.  The next theme? “The Aesthetics of Everyday Life”  If you think you have something to contribute to this topic, let us know!  Do you think the event went well?  Would you like to see anything done differently next time? As always, we love feedback.

Thank you to everyone who contributed yesterday!