Our First “Pole Photography” Workshop

Community engagement is a huge goal for our project, and one of the ways we plan to achieve that while here is with a series of “Pole Photography” workshops.  Pole photography is a fun way to take aerial photos.  The best part?  No helicopters or satellites needed.

By attaching digital cameras to 20 ft. long fishing rods, you can get some pretty amazing pictures.  Our first workshop was last Friday at the Village of Arts and Humanities in Germantown.  We set out with 3 fishing rods, 3 cameras, and 13 people.  The results were great, and it was so much fun!  Check out some of our favorite pictures below.

The group photo at the end of the first "Pole Photography" workshop...a nice aerial shot of all who participated.    Ivar shows the group how to use the camera before they set out to take pictures.

Olivia and her team members getting ready outside to take some pictures.    Ivar shows his teammates outside how to use the equipment.Olivia and one of her team members look at a picture they just took.

Olivia and her team members set up a photo, holding the pole high up over one of the mosaics in the village.    Danielle and her team work on taking some pictures outside in the Village.

Some participants outside during the workshop...    One of the aerial shots taken during the workshop of two of the participants...    An aerial shot of the ground through the trees at the village.

A great aerial photo of two of the participants leaning against a wall...    Three of the girls laying on the ground for a photo... An aerial shot of the "trees" built by Public Workshop at the Village of Arts and Humanities...    Aerial view of the garden... Aerial shot of Olivia standing by one of the many mosaics...    Picture taken using pole photography of one of the participants... Another aerial shot from the workshop...


My favorite take-away from the participants?

“It was like the sky was taking a picture.”