The Mural: Down the Rabbit Hole

overviewStreetSMA hand, reaching for a gift wrapped in wrinkly tissue paper with an image of the street that lies on the opposite side of the location where this image can be seen – the fa├žade of the Apple Storage Building on 52nd and Willows Avenue.

This image is the rabbit hole that leads into the virtual world in which the NacDoc 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia takes place. Printed is the digital Street View image from that exact crossing, made into a new world.


The concept is based on wrapping oranges, a method of decorating fruits that is very common in Europe, especially in Spain..


In order to share this experience with the neighbourhood, we distributed the invite for the unveiling of the work together with a small gift: two oranges.. one wrapped.


Sunday November 23 at 2:00
Unveiling and ArtistTalk by Esther and Ivar

people watching
polakvanbekkum_back 2_Ivar