We had a very intensive residency in Philadelphia that would have been impossible without the efforts, help, guidance, assistance and wisdom of:

Percent for Art Committee and special thanks
Julia Guerrero
John Phillips
Denise Smyler
Ann Pelz

The Science Center with special thanks to

David Clayton
Danielle Stollak
Saul Behar
Steve Tang
Curt Hess
Olivia Guerrasio

Beth Heinly
Sarah Mueller
Michael Darfler (and all the others that hosted us at the DM+D)

Alex Lewis
Kyle Pulley

Sean Mcginnis
Edward Farrel
Peter Robinett

Heidi West
Janet Gao


Akh Jones
Austin Seraphin
Richard Ramson
Richard Robinson
Michael Whittington
Kelly Steve
Melody Wong
Brujo de la Mancha
Heather Redfern, Joey and Mrs. Ro – Septa
Alex Duncan and John Cox
Walter West
Bill Calahan
Junko Kageyama
Kasaan Smith and Grace
Matt and Maxi
Ursula and Caroline Rieker
Milan Garland, Mr. Ellis and One Eyed Dusty – Fletcher St Urban Riding Club
Daniel Stollak and Kate Reese
Kelly Whitaker and Carol Samluk – Aker Shipyard
Billy Dufala and Fern Gookin – Recycled Artist in Residenc at Revolution Recovery
Charly Hysek and Mason Love – Via Air flight instructor and student
Arthur Robinov and all his personell- Uzbekistan Restaurant

Robert Blackson
Mimi Sheller
Edward Shanken

Jennifer Rodriguez

Dorien Sanders
Michael O’Mannely

Mike Levin

And if I realy really hope we did not forget anyone!