Techno Mourning

Update per May 2016:

We updated the interactive website in a very great and reliable way. It now runs based on video files.

December 20 2015:

Due to the speed of technical developments and changes, some online artworks turn out to be built on quicksand. When that happens, and there is no solution, to let go is inevitable.

On December 2014 Google decided to deprecate the Google Earth-plugin or API. This is something technical but it brought that the 250 Miles website did not longer function the way we intended it. This made us sad at first. Our intention was, that anybody could play the recordings we made directly in Google Earth in a browser. Meaning than one would be able to play around with the tracks in an interactive way. The API did shut down in December 2015. For some time it did still run in Firefox and Safari. Esther and Ivar both have different feelings about it, as their comments in the video tell. The video was based on screen shots we made.

People who still want to exhibit the work in its original functionality can try the old version, on some browsers, (with the API installed)  it still works:  or contact us, and we can send them the original kmz file(s), that run on any computer with Google Earth installed.

Related projects
We listed some other art projects that used the Google Earth API or closely related technologies. Please let us know if you know of any that should be mentioned as well. 

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer used the Google Earth API in three of his projects

-Vancouver Olympics in 2010:

-Open Air:

-Vectorial Elevation (this last one is offline due to an expired url address, but he will get it up and running soon).

Garreth Lynch indexed some here:
Digital Detritus by Peter Root
Tectonic by Micah Frank
Satellite Jockey

Andreas Broeckmann suggested this excellent work by Marc Lee from Switzerland:

Owen Mundy kindly suggested his works: (project page)
and the his interactive piece:

Jodi’s GEO GOO

If you know of any works that should be listed here, please drop us an email.