Block 6 – Ursula Rieker

Just of the crossing of Oxford, Pine and Rhawn Street, in the direction of Fox Chase Station, there is this elevated cow, looking at the cars passing by, and being looked at. We  are doing a walk with Ursula Rieker former owner of the butcher store with the same name. Her daughtre and son run it now,but she helps out on Friday and Saturday.

Riekers Meat Cow Sign

When we were looking for a place to make a recording in block 6, we pinned the crossing of Oxford Avenue, Pine Road and Rhwan Street. We went there because it was the most beatiful crossing in the whole of Philadelphia, judged from the satellite images. Walking around the area in the real, we encountered the cow.

It reminded us of Dutch landscapes, that felt a little sentimental of course. In fact it belonged to the German butcher family Rieker who arrived in Philadelphia more than 40 years ago to start their business here.

I made the recording on a Friday morning. When I equipped Ursula with  IaE The Beagle*, the customers thought she was wearing a hart monitor.

– Ivar

Ursula Rieker equipped with IaE The Beagle talking to two of her customers. “No, it’s not a hart monitor.
Ursula Rieker and her daughter Caroline in front of the counter in their store on Oxford Avenue.
The border of Philadelphia and Rockledge, marked by two columns.

* the sling bag with audio recorders and the GPS recorder